We charge a standard rate per hour – you can fit as many dresses as you can in the time provided. All fittings by appointment. Please enquire on the current rate.

We have a waiting list of brides, especially on Saturdays, that we cannot assist if last minute cancellations occur. We reserve the right to invoice and charge you the full fitting fee should you not attend your fitting without minimum 48 hours notification.

Bigger audiences are confusing and overwhelming when choosing a wedding dress. We suggest a max of 2-3 guests as seating space is limited and open spaces used to move around with our delicate garments.. Flower girl appointments should be made separately, please.

We hire and sell BRAND NEW and PRE-LOVED wedding dresses. The majority of the dresses in our studio are brand new as we do not keep all used dresses. We only keep pre-loved dresses if they are in mint condition – in order to accommodate brides with lower budgets.

Yes we alter all our dresses in house to perfection. Alterations and alteration fittings are only allowed on weekdays and by appointment. We need to ensure we concentrate and are focused when we alter dresses (that we cannot do on busy Saturdays) in order to save you time and money and our seamstresses are only available on weekdays. We offer alteration services and cleaning services to Lubellos Brides as well as to the public.

No, bridal fashion changes constantly and we prefer to buy new styles to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

The majority of our dresses are priced between R12 000 (hire option would apply) and R27 000 (buying option would apply). The average would be between R15 000 and R20 000 depending on the dress, design acumen, fabrics used accessories on the dress. Our dresses are high quality well manufactured dresses – we do not import inexpensive low grade dresses. We offer high quality dresses at excellent prices and give you the option to hire a BRAND NEW dress. We also do not sub-hire dresses secured. If you chose the hiring option – the dress is yours to hire first. We will only promote the dress again once returned after your wedding day.

We do keep a smaller collection of dresses – either SALE dresses or PREVIOUSLY loved dresses priced between R5 000 and R10 000. These dresses are all in a great condition and the chances are small that you will find any flaws as we alter all previously loved dresses back to perfection. We do acknowledge that it is your choice to decide how much money you want to spend on a wedding dress and keep these garments in order to offer you quality at a price you may prefer to pay.

Yes we do, but it is up to the discretion of Management.  We will advise the client.   The final dress will also be added to the Lubellos® Bridal Collection and on social media.

We acknowledge that the majority of guests only want to capture the moment when taking a snapshot. Unfortunately, when allowing photos, we expose ourselves to people who deliberately steal our intellectual property and go as far as climbing underneath the dresses to take photos. We take serious offense when this happens as people disregard our intellectual property, years of experience and design acumen and deliberately sends a message that our skill is easily reproducible. We, therefore, request clients to ask permission before they start snapping pictures.

Wear comfortable underwear. There is no reason to be shy. Preferably NO makeup.